About Us

About Client Research Services

Client Research Services, Inc. implements customer satisfaction surveys and customer retention programs, which are primarily conducted over the telephone.  After a survey is designed to meet the customer’s needs, Client Research Services will conduct the interviews with the client’s customers.  If a dissatisfied customer is identified, Client Research Services contacts their client immediately so that appropriate action can be taken as soon as possible.  This enables companies to quickly combat any negative word of mouth that disgruntled customers can spread.

Customized Reporting

When all of the interviews are complete, Client Research Services writes a report that contains a summary of all the questions, as well as each individual survey.  This allows businesses to identify what their customers like and dislike about doing business with them.  It also spots trends, pinpoints suggestions for improvement, and brings out feedback that is not consistently available to business owners and management.

About the Surveys

The surveys designed by Client Research Services are short and practical.  The standard interview is 10-12 questions long, and takes just a couple of minutes to complete by the customer.  Any business considering customer surveys must respect the limited time that their clients have to participate.  A short survey with well-designed questions will accomplish the goal of obtaining the required information while leaving a good taste in the customer’s mouth.  Client Research Services has a response rate that fluctuates between 85 and 92%.  This is a reflection of the positive reaction customers have to their surveys.

Regular Reports

The majority of Client Research Services customers receive their reports in an on-going manner.  Most clients have reports completed on a monthly basis, while others receive reports quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.