Customer Facts

Although customer complaints can be hard to hear at first, ultimately they can be the key to the improvement of your normal business process.  Consider the following facts about customer complaints, and you will see just how important complaints can be to your business!

  • The average business never hears from 96% of its unhappy customers – but 90% of this group will not visit or buy from them again!
  • For every complaint received, the average company in fact has 26 customers with problems
  • Complainers are more likely than noncomplainers to do business again with the company that upset them, even if the problem wasn’t satisfactorily resolved
  • Of the customers who register a complaint, 54-70% will do business again if their complaint was resolved.  That figure jumps to 95% if the customer feels the problem was dealt with quickly!
  • The average customer who has had a problem with an organization tells 9 or 10 people about it.  13% of dissatisfied customers will tell more than 20 people!
  • Customers who have complained to an organization and had their complaints satisfactorily resolved tell an average of 5 people about the treatment they received.