Quality Control Procedure

At Client Research Services, we have developed a process for implementing successful customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Phase 1 – Test Survey Formatting

    An initial pilot survey is conducted by the supervisor to ensure of proper question formation and formatting.  This enables us to confirm client requirements and to eliminate any potential confusion with survey participants.

  • Phase 2 – Orientation

    An orientation is conducted with the interviewers who will be working on the survey project.  Our orientation phase consists of the following steps:

    • A review of the project goals and objectives as determined in Phase 1.
    • A reading of the final survey draft, addressing layout and design issues.
    • A reading of the completed pilot surveys and a discussion on the reporting procedures.
    • Role playing between an interviewer and supervisor.
  • Phase 3 – Quality Control Checks

    Client Research Services monitors quality both during and after interviews.  Interviewers are monitored randomly while conducting the surveys.  Also, all completed survey forms are rechecked for quality and reviewed to ensure all questions are documented properly.